about gamara 

painting channels  my musical emotions


The audio-visual artist from Switzerland unveiled his very first painting series entitled: "GAM 1-11" in November 2020. A music producer above all else, he decided to channel his musical emotions into the creation of an abstract world.
He creates his acrylic paintings by mixing techniques such as pouring, splash, patrons or knives. Merging rhythms with the colours of sound, iamgamara shapes his own story.

"GAM 1-11" is accompanied by 30-second binaural audio scores, an immersive experience for all, also available on his instagram. Gamara uses binaural sound in a creative way, forming questions and answers in a 3D bubble. This symbolizes the movement and story of his art. 
Inspired by music to paint, inspired by the paintings to compose...and the cycle never ends!

Binaural sound? It's a technique (that has been around for a very long time already) used in audio production and mixing, that imitates how our ears perceive space. It involves variations in volume, distance, space, frequency, and movement.